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Our Lady Of Furness Catholic Federation

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The intent of our history curriculum is to promote and develop an awareness of the past in our children. We aim to encourage children to have an inquisitive mind and to delve into the past to explore different cultures, religions and lifestyles. Our curriculum is designed to give children a sense of time and place throughout our world’s history and give them a greater understanding of how the world evolves. By the end of Key Stage Two we want all children to have an excellent knowledge and understanding of people, events and contexts from a range of historical periods. We want children to think critically about history and communicate ideas confidently in a range of styles. We want children to have a passion for history and have an enthusiastic engagement in learning in order to develop their sense of curiosity about the past and promote a respect for historical evidence, and have the ability to make robust and critical use of it to support explanations and judgements. 



Implementation of our History Curriculum

To implement an engaging, challenging and diverse history curriculum we plan our two yearly cycle thoughtfully. As a school we ensure that all aspects of the National Curriculum are covered across the Key Stages and that the topics we teach deliver opportunities for fun and thought provoking lessons.

Our history curriculum is inclusive to all and we take a hands-on approach to history wherever possible. 

Ways in which we do this: 

  • Off site visits to areas of local history
  • Hands on experiences such as paper making, weaving and pot making using historic methods.
  • Cross curricular links to involve historical artwork, writing, design and technology etc
  • Special guest visitors to make history come to life! 
  • Artefact and topic boxes from the Dock Museum and Barrow Library
  • Historical walks with local historians