Our Lady Of Furness Catholic Federation

Our Lady Of Furness Catholic Federation

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  1. St Mary's Catholic Primary School
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We teach the school’s football team to play through teamwork and a style of football adapted from the Spanish. Tiki taka soccer is a playing style that moves the ball up the field from player to player. We believe that passing the ball and keeping possession will lead to more success in matches and hopefully establish a foundation that they can perform better at the sport. We make training fun and teach them the basic skills they need.




We train once a week throughout the school terms and encourage the pupils to enjoy themselves when they play matches – if they win then that is a bonus.  We ask the children to win together and lose together – no one is the star player and no one is to blame for losses.  For the last three seasons all pupils have followed this and this was mentioned by parents and teachers stating how good it was to see – it also made the team play better and all pupils felt important.  We encourage all parents to attend the matches so they can come and support their children – the more support the better.




In 2011/12 through this style of play, the team achieved something that no other team from this school has done previously, they were unbeaten in all league and friendly matches, and they won the Small Schools League and the Federation Cup.   In 2013/14 the school team were again successful, winning another double, the St Mary’s Gala and the Federation Cup.




Training is open to both boys and girls from years 3, 4, 5 & 6 in which they play 7 aside matches. The teams are split into two, our first team play in league matches, the Federation Cup and in friendlies. Our second team, consisting of Years 3 & 4 contest in friendlies throughout the year. We also enter two or three teams into the St Marys Gala.


Training is held weekly between 3.30 until 4.30pm.  All children attending need to wear appropriate clothing, shinpads and football boots (if inside then trainers must be worn). We also ask the footballers to bring a drink if it is warm and gloves and a hat if it is cold. We do train outside most weeks however there are certain times when it is too wet when we have to train inside.


Our record since 2011/12 – 2013-14


First Team


W 19 D 3 L 2


Second Team (Since 2012/13)


W 5 D 0 L 2




League Champions 2011/12


Federation Cup Winners 2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14


St Mary’s Gala Winners 2013/14